After undertaking many far-ranging trips in order to pursue the earlier parts of this project [see below], “Swan Song Part II” explores a closer and more intimate territory. This series offers a poetic alternative to a world that I consider complex and violent.

Here, I’ve met humans and animals that have guided me to the dream-like parts of my daily life. These meetings have soothed me and protected me from the chaos that is forever attempting to engulf me.

While I often use the external world to confront my own weaknesses, these “Swan Songs” are probably my most intimate work. By withdrawing from a concrete reality and entering a world where all forms of life and nature are treated the same way, I capture the symbols of my own quest for unity in my surroundings.

In short, I am searching for a place in the world—and I hope to find it through these images.

—Marie Sordat

“Swan Song, Part II” is the last part of the black and white trilogy which began in 2009. The other parts of the series are Cendres, followed by MotherLand in 2012 and Swan Song, Part I in 2013.

Editors’ note: Marie Sordat’s photographs will be shown at the Angkor Photography Festival and Workshops which will run from December 3 to December 10, 2016 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Roughly once per week in the lead-up to the festival, LensCulture will feature a different part of the Festival’s program.