The multi-multi-billion dollar agro-chemical company Monsanto® has been associated with nearly 50 Superfund sites across the United States alone. These contaminated sites of high priority are at the center of hundreds of affected communities whose environments have been blighted by terrifying health and ecological consequences.

Despite these well-established facts, Monsanto® has largely avoided punishment by the legal system. While the company has been involved in a long string of court cases, none have ever deterred the company for long. The company seems to benefit from strong ties inside the USA government, especially with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), while also utilizing campaigns of misinformation to protect them from serious prosecution. In addition to their massive campaigns, the company also puts pressure on individual institutions and individuals, including scientists, farmers and activists who dare to disclose their crimes.

Monsanto continues to spread new technologies and products around the world, unabated. Their efforts have alarmed scientific and ecological organizations around the globe, but to little effect. These portraits hope to offer hard evidence and true stories of several communities deeply damaged by the company’s prior actions.


Editors’ note: This important reportage was selected as a finalist in the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016. Discover more inspiring work from all 39 of the winners and finalists.