In partnership with the new Medphoto Festival, we are pleased to present a series of preview articles highlighting the program.

Also: if you would like to have a chance to exhibit your work at the festival, don’t miss out on their newly announced Award—a 5,000 euro grant in support of a documentary photo project that is in progress.

Crete is located at a crossroads of major geopolitical importance: at the center of the Mediterranean region and at the gateway to Europe, Africa and Asia. Throughout its history, the island has been subject to many influences—Egyptian, Venetian, Ottoman, Greek. Today, the refugee crisis has pushed the questions of identity and dislocation to the forefront of the world’s mind.

As a reaction to the dire reality of our times, the festival Medphoto has been founded as a nexus point to explore the theme of geographical and cultural borders. Fittingly, then, the theme of the inaugural edition will be “Borders / Crossroads.” MedPhoto will explore the situation in crisis-stricken Greece, while also presenting a more symbolic, subjective and existential ideas of boundaries around the world.

Fittingly, the festival’s artistic director, is the Greek photographer Pavlos Fysakis, who has been dealing with questions of borders for years, including through his award-winning photobook, Land Ends. Guided by his aesthetic sensibilities, the festival will host exhibitions from a wide variety of artists, including such international luminaries as Antoine D’Agata, Davide Monteleone, Francesco Zizola and Jerome Sessini. Greek photographers will also take center stage, with the Depression Era collective showcasing their multi-year investigation of contemporary Greece. Other Greek image-makers and curators will also have a platform to share their responses to the ongoing state of crisis.

Finally, the festival will organize an international photography prize—in effect, the first ever given out in Greece. The prize, which will be awarded to a documentary photography project in progress, will come with a 5,000 euro grant.


Editors’ Note: The festival will open from June 9 to 12, and will run until the end of September. The opening days will be filled with photographic events, lectures, workshops and presentations. Don’t miss out on this excellent reason to engage with the unique culture and beauty of Crete!