The first time I arrived in New York City was in 1997. Immediately the scale of the city struck me. The “American Dream” lay before me in architectural grandeur — the infinite crisscrossing streets and avenues and dizzying skyscrapers. But what surprised me even more were the numerous ads and billboards covering the city in a kaleidoscopic commercial net.

When I moved to New York in 2008, this net seemed to become even bigger. The urban landscape had morphed into an unending web of huge advertisements covering every facade of the city center.

“Coming Soon” is an exploration of this contemporary landscape through a series of juxtapositions photographed on the streets of New York City.

Has consumerism grown into a new religion where large images of ideal models are actually the idols being worshiped? I wish to examine the relationship between the imposed alternative reality and the people that pass through it.

— Natan Dvir