An intimate and in-depth photo essay, “The Orphans of Alqosh” examines the impact of war on two Iraqi Christian orphans, Milad Hani (9) and Wissam Hani (11). Born In Baghdad after the fall of Saddam, their lives have been buffeted by one conflict after another. After fleeing the ISIS advance on Alqosh in early August, they have lived with their uncle in Erbil for a few months. Now, however, they find no other option but to move to an orphanage on the edge of the front line in Alqosh.

Through meeting and observing their lives, Twana attempts to understand more about conflict and displacement crisis through the eyes of two children.

Cathy Otten

Editors’ Note: Metrography is Iraq’s first photography agency. This story forms just one small part of Metrography’s collective project ” A Map of Displacement,” which aims to dive into the lives of displaced Iraqis.

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