LensCulture Competitions

We believe that competitions are one of the best ways to boost your career in photography. Competitions connect talent to opportunity, offering great work the chance to reach a global audience. We host 5 competitons a year in order to offer the widest possible exposure to important Jurors, and to genres.

Here is a brief description of each of our competitons, and when they are open:

© Scarlett Coten

Portrait Awards

Portrait photography is among the most iconic work created by photographers — we are seeking the new photographic portrait of the 21st century.


January – February

© Jonas Bendiksen

Magnum Photography Awards

We believe photographs tell stories that can reach the broadest audiences and we want to discover the best story-tellers out there.


April - May

© Dougie Wallace

Street Photography Awards

Street photography is one of the most striking and universal genres in the whole medium. We’re searching for the next great practitioners to share their vision of the world.


July – August

© Katsumi Saiki

Emerging Talent Awards

Emerging photographers often make the freshest, most exciting work — but it’s hard to gain attention when you are relatively new. These awards showcase outstanding emerging photographers.


September – October

© Dominika Gesicka

Exposure Awards

Our largest award of the year aims to discover and showcase the best photographers from all over the world. This is a truly global competition.


November – December

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Enjoy these competition annuals featuring the Winners, Juror’s Picks and Finalists work from all our competitions.