LensCulture Competitions
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Photo competitions are one of the best ways for our editorial team to discover new talents from around the world in addition to new work from established photographers. Winning photographers and highly-rated projects are given international visibility through the global reach of our magazine and social media platforms. Many of our award-winning photographers have been discovered by magazine editors, creative directors, curators, gallerists, book publishers, festival directors, photo agencies and more. You can discover the winners, finalists, and juror’s picks here.

Portrait Awards

Our Portrait Awards strive to discover the best and most interesting portrait photography from all over the world. We’re eager to see innovative new approaches as well as stunning traditional work—our goal is to discover the new photographic portrait of the 21st century.


January – February

Street Photography Awards

Street photography is one of the most striking and universal genres in the whole medium. These awards seek out the globe’s finest street photographers who capture exceptional moments of life in all of its vibrant forms. We’re hoping to find the next great practitioners and share their vision with the world.


March - April

Art Photography Awards

We want to discover the diverse and creative ways photographers are pushing the medium and reinventing our definitions of art photography.


May - June

Emerging Talent Awards

Emerging photographers often make the freshest, most exciting work—but it’s hard to gain attention when you are relatively new or don’t have an international profile. These awards showcase outstanding emerging photographers and are dedicated to discovering fresh, original work.


July - August

Black & White Photography Awards

Our world exists in vibrant color but it was with black & white images that we first documented and responded to it. These awards recognise photographers playing with the dynamic relationship between light and dark across all genres.


September - October

Exposure Awards

Our largest awards of the year recognize and celebrate excellence in the visual language of photography. They showcase the world’s best contemporary photographers—including all genres of photography, and from diverse cultures on every continent.


November - December