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Guillaume wad born in 1965 in Paris France, by the age of 21 he became a photographer. He has been a member of VU Agency (Paris) since 1992 and currently works for the French press, Liberation, Le Monde, Telerama, Le Nouvel Obs.

Beginning in 1986 through to 1995 he traveled extensively in India. From the work done during those years he published 2 Books, the first in 1992 followed in 2001 by the second. Both books relate to the French settlements in India.

Since 1996 his work began to follow a motif revolving around memory in Europe. Using double exposure to reveal the complexity and layers that built different cities: Berlin, Moscow, paris, Prague, Lisbon. In 2002 he moved to Los Angeles as a correspondent for VU Agency and French magazines. At the same time his work changed to record the myth of California. Within the portfolios presented here you will find work from Paris, India, Califorinia as well an extended collection of work that was the basis for the "Exposed Cities" exhibition held at the Couturier Gallery in Los Angeles, June 2008.


June 2008: "Exposed Cities" , Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles
August 2007: "Go West", Deborah Page Gallery, Santa Monica
May 2007: "Paris Double exposure", Hermes Gallery, Toronto.
June 2006: "VU a Paris", Book and Exhibition, Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris. 1998: "Double Exposure", Blanc Manteaux Gallery, Paris.
1998: "India", La Passerelle Gallery, Gap, France.
1996: "Cafes Parisiens", Le Carre Gallery, Paris.
1992: "India Pondichery", Espace George V, Paris.

Touring exhibitions:

1992 to 1995: Exhibition tour "India, Pondichery" all over French Alliances in India.
1990 to 1992: Exhibition tour "India-Pondichery" all over FNAC Galleries in France.
Collections and Publications



Pondichery, Chandernagor, KarikaI, Yanaon et Mahé... Guillaume Zuili restituent magnifiquement l'atmosphère nostalgique et l'émotion de ces comptoirs dont les noms exotiques enchantent encore nos mémoires.
Text by: Patrick mahé
Publisher: Editions du Chêne (2003)
140 pages
Size: 22 x 16 cm
ISBN :2842774744

Les anciens comptoirs français de l'Inde

Text by: Deloche, Michalon, Okada, Karan Singh, Michaux, Eliade, Moravia, Taylor
Publisher: C&D (1992)
123 pages
ISBN :2-9506985-0-6

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