About Inês D'Orey

It was not until I was already in my twenties that I started to think about the possibility of becoming a photographer. I was in the middle of another life path, studying International Relations, dreaming about working in a non governmental organization. In my second year of college,
though, I attended a basic black&white course, as well as a theater class. Soon, I was photographing the theater plays of the university theater company. I became so passionate about photography, spending my days in the darkroom, that I decided to study photography. I studied at London College of Printing for three years.
What interests me the most in photography, is to explore its ambiguous quality. If at one end photography is science, at the other end is poetry. One image is the selection of a small fragment of the world that, despite its connection to reality, can be very much subjective, personal and intimate. I like this capacity that photography has of interpreting reality in a different or
unexpected way.
In my work, I have been juxtaposing images with sound, text or pages of old books, enhancing this ambiguity, creating different layers of meaning.
What photography does is, it selects, focuses your attention and tells you where to look. I want to trigger the viewer’s imagination: what strange story is happening here? I like to think that the viewer will feel, more than rationalize, when looking at my photographs.
I always plan and think through before I photograph. I never go out with my camera waiting for something to happen. I think I could say that my work conceptually stages reality. I’m more interested in “creating a moment”, more than “catching the moment”.
I won the Fnac New Talent prize in photography in 2007.
I published in 2010 my first book "Mecanismo da troca" and in 2011 my second book "porto interior".

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