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JR Paris, France

Undercover photographer-activist JR uses public walls as his illegal galleries. His subjects are pseudo gang-members from the Paris suburbs, and make-believe terrorists in Palestine and israel. After being sued, arrested and hassled, he is now being celebrated by the media and exhibited by esteemed cultural organizations. Listen to our exclusive 16-minute audio interview to understand some of the ideas he is playing with. And enjoy 20 photos from his installations worldwide.
About JR

Since 2004, the French artist JR has traveled the world flyposting colossal black-and-white portraits of ordinary citizens on the walls of city buildings.

Based in Paris, JR exhibits freely in public sites in the cities around world. His projects include Portraits of a Generation (2004-2006), Face2Face (2007) and Women Are Heroes (2008). In 2011 he was awarded the TED Prize.

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