About Louis-Paul Ordonneau

Louis- Paul Ordonneau is born in 1975 and grew up in a middle class family. Rejected from Beaux-Arts Paris School in 1998, he studied finance and worked for a while in a bank, before making a final break with this activity. In 1999 , he joined collectives of artists and activists, set up his studio in Paris in alternative places of the capital ( La Bourse, Matignon, La Boétie , Rivoli, ... ) shared with other artists (A -One, Jacques Chauchat, Zeus, Blondin ... ) . By this time the exploration of color is at the heart of his work. During one of his earliest exhibitions, an unknown visitor commented: "There are too many colors in your paintings ." Louis- Paul chooses to take this excess of chroma as one of his policies. But painting and colors receded during some years. This is an old film camera 6X6 gift from his wife Emilie in 2008 , which will reconnect him. Between arts and in the interstices of life, between creation and oblivion.

Louis-Paul Ordonneau likes to say he has been inspired by the photographer ROBERT WALKER and his book untitled "Color is Power".

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