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The photographs in this exhibition are the product of a work which began in 2008 and which has continued since then. They are intended as visual stimuli to access the viewer's realm of imagination as well as a projective exercise. They are accessible and open to the personal interpretation of each viewer quite like the inkblots from Hermann Rorschach’s famous projective test. These photographs are the first collection of a work in progress and what Louis Paul has chosen to call his ROR’s search. The entire plastic quality of fine art photography, at the boundaries of pictorial art, is powerfully captured in this work. Representation gives way to dense material abstraction that does not deny reality but looks at it though the singular perspective of an eye that is fascinated by colours: it is seen through the eyes of a painter who insists on painting, on the photograph, what the lens capture. The photograph thus selected and patiently reworked leaves little space to randomness. Even though, there is always this encounter with a location, a space, such as the unlikely glass wall covered with greenery, Louis Paul's pictorial photographs are above all compositions. Through Louis Paul's eyes, a New York restaurant front breaks down into an optical diffraction of pink and purple rectangles. An abandoned wheelchair in a car park becomes a metallic comma between a block of green and a block of grey. A greenish door becomes the foundation of a dazzling view of colour after being recomposed. It lets in the perspective of a renegade painter who has brought his palette to the world of photography. Bright and dense, pop and chalky at the same time, this palette bursts forth here in all its variety. Not only does photography pay homage to this palette but drawing on the light of the very things that are exposed on the film, it multiplies its possibilities.

Agnès Gayraud.

EXHIBITION from 03/27/2014 till 04/30/2014
GALERIE B O A, 11, rue d’Artois 75008 Paris
Contact : Philippe Ageon - [email protected]