I am a cutter
Project info

"I am a cutter" is a series of very individualized portraits of women who are currently or have at one time practiced self injury in the form of cutting as a coping mechanism. I began the series after noticing heavy scars on two different individuals that I was working with on two separate personal art projects. I began to ask myself the question; why would somebody cut themselves… or tear at their skin over and over again? I decided that the best possible answer to that question could only come from the subjects themselves. I realized that it was important that I fully collaborate with each individual so they could present themselves in a way that was honest. I also realized that I would have to interject a quality into the images that was picturesque and compassionate otherwise the suffering might be too palpable for the viewer. This is a project to challenge preconceived notions. This is a project rooted in collaboration, love and understanding. It attempts to evaluate the complexity and dignity of human struggle. More of these photos can be seen juxtaposed against the subjects diary entries, poems and other writing on my website.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you have struggled with any form of self injury in the past, these images and the writing on my website may be triggering.