Postcards from L.A.
Project info

As a street photographer I enjoy developing long-term projects. I use to visit the same places over and over again looking for the perfect picture I have in my mind, which eludes my camera so many times. The chance of returning to the same place helped me to deepen the projects I have developed so far. Some places catch you irresistibly from the very first moment, even if you never see them again, making you feel the need to capture some of their energy in a brand new series of pictures. One of these places is the city of Los Angeles. Colorful neighborhoods, crowded beaches, harsh streets, social injustice, rundown landscapes, festive atmosphere, trendy neighborhoods... all blending out to offer endless possibilities to the street photographer.
What started as a simple sightseeing tour became an exciting project, a kind of travel diary, in which I wanted to experiment combining new formats and techniques to show a personal mosaic of my experience in this amazing city.