Project info

Through all of my projects, I have been interested in breaking down the complicated act of seeing into small units --- building blocks with which I construct large scale physical compositions.

These images are pieced together from material and light studies that I perform on scavenged tools, toys, materials and appliances. I am interested in how the camera crunches these disassembled parts down further into gestures of light and structure.

The large picture’s content arises as the relationship between the parts develops --- an additive, analog process that creates its own logic and narrative. In some cases, the actual construction remains, complete with individual prints, push pins and board. In other cases I use the physical construction as a map to rebuild the image in a digital format, crossing media to retranslate the image into a flattened, stylized product.

This body of work is a form of photographic science fiction. It references the barely visible mechanisms that surround our everyday life and forecasts a merging of living material with programmed mechanisms.