Project info

The French philosopher Sartre (1944) once said: “L'enfer, c'est les autres” (Hell, is other people), properly predicting the phenomenon of flourishing and diffusion in the media information nowadays. To refer to his word, I attempt to implement the elements of art painting in photography in my creation to deliver my thoughts on this phenomenon to the audience.

From the way of creating in this series, I utilized the creative concepts of recording the fragmentation moment and stacking the graffiti images as a method to capture the additional features of the image. Besides, I combined multiple image materials such as the hand-written text, collage of media image, the lines of hand-sketched, and the colors of painting into the creation. On the whole, this series was aimed to reflect the ambiguous relationship between the images and the technological information nowadays. It also emphasizes the phenomenon that those thoughts, languages or daily objects are displayed, flowed, and impacted multiply in such an informative space. Within this formed, styled, and space-combined world, the audiences are able to understand the element of globalized complexity and meticulous characteristic inside the image through their personal perspectives. Simultaneously, audiences are able to experience collectively in this environment to stimulate the development of traditional photography in the art sector and actively maintain a unique and outstanding style of creativity.