Project info

I was born in Serbia. Since 1999 I am living in Brazil, where I came to escape from the social chaos and unpredictability my future, caused by the conflicts in my native country. After many years of absence from my native land, I took a trip to visit my home. I wanted to express, only through images, my feelings on the occasion of the visit. One part of that work is the essay that I present. I imagined myself in the situation of my mother, living alone in a house that was once full of life. The house where I was born. I felt guilty for leaving her. Most of the photographs from this series show the most precious things that mean so much to my mother in her own house. The first photo is from her photo-album, and the eighth photo is the portrait of her that I took.

I tried to compensate the fact that I left my family searching for a better future by producing this intimate and, I hope, an elegant contribution.

Although the essay is intimate, it is also universal, since there are many families in the similar situation. A lot of young people still become immigrants trying to get out of a cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities in their native lands.