Superimposed Self-imterest over Altruism
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Death is given equally, if you were born, then you will die. We don’t know when and where we will die, but we do know we will die. Living with an awareness of death is a way of thinking that lends itself to Bushido (the way of the warrior), which credence my ancestors always followed and obeyed. When they had a war, Bushi (Samurai) used Katana (Japanese sword) and fought. During the Edo era, there was no war, Samurai studied Confucianism under their masters. In other words, Bushi were fighters, they were also scholars. Between those two roles, Bushi discovered their own philosophy about life, the meaning of death and the way of death. When we live with the acceptance of our death, we can understand that our life is more precious and dear.

I capture my moment of my life, and at the same time I confirm that I am alive. Through the photographs that I capture, I am faced with myself and I feel I am losing something important, because I am living in another country. The Camera bestows upon me the third eye, and the lens is my filter, what I see through these tools shows and teaches me so many things; it shows me who I am. At times, I try to form something that I captured in my mind without using my filter. The resulting creations are made from my awareness and unawareness, and it makes me go back to my starting point; to die and to live. Dying is as natural as living.

The photograph also gives us some history of the moment. Humans are forgetful. Photographs tell a historical story, that story could be personal, or it could be eventful. Those pictures not only tell me who I am, they also tell me where I came from and what I have forgotten.

For me, making something with my hands is a conversation with myself, at the same time it makes me feel that I am still alive, and at the same time gives me a consciousness of death. My creations draw in others to me and makes us have a conversation. I confirm we have some of the same experiences in the innermost depths of our hearts and I understand the importance of life from death. The creative process is my way of accepting my own death and also understanding the grief that is caused by death.