Project info

For the past fourteen years I have been experimenting with the most straightforward of digital tools- a laptop, digital camera, a 44" 12-ink printer and the ubiquitous software presentation product: PowerPoint. I am a one-time sculptor who enjoyed working with basic material like stone, rope and wood. I don't feel like a photographer in the traditional sense but more like a sculptor gathering pixels like I used to gather stones or other found objects.

"Artifex” is a series of 10 photomontages that attempts to tell the universal story of the cycle of life, love and loss. In this series I explore the boundaries of lens based art as well as try to honor photography's unique history and capacity to document the art of sculpture. My inspiration comes from Edward Steichen’s 1902 early photomontage of Auguste Rodin with his sculptural work "Monument to Victor Hugo," and "The Thinker." With the pieces that make up “Artifex” I hope to interpret and reinvent how museum visitors can view and appreciate both classical and modern figurative sculpture in the 21st Century.

This series “Artifex” and the individual works were titled by my wife, Bonnie who provides names for all of my artworks.