Project info

This work consists of 10 photographs. First three are the triptych called "Break", printed on cotton paper Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag. The last three images of the essay "Scrape" are obtained by scraping, with utility knife, as much as possible the coating of the triptych “Break”, everywhere where appears any ink. As the triptych is printed on a heavy cotton paper, during the process is removed a lot of the coating. I photographed four steps in this process of scraping, which are the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh image of the essay "Scrape".

In this work I go the opposite direction of the traditional concerns in the photography world, which are light, composition, focus and framing. The result approaches to lithography, since the traces of scraping are evident. With this work, I try to create a beauty in emptiness, in a vacuum, and also discuss the act of self-destruction, which was already partially present in my previous works.