PHOTO-BODIES: In between the edge of a stitched soul
Project info

The series 'Photo-Bodies: In between the edge of a stitched soul' is about the relationship between bodies and photographs, creating a synergism between the subject photographed and the physical representation of it. The materiality of the photographic paper, such as the 'grammage' or paper density, the cotton base and pliability are all 'fine art' photographic paper characteristics that lend themselves to extending the concept of 'body' from the subject to the presentation.

The photographic print, in the form of these handmade photo-sculptures, is given its due dimension and presence, in the vocabulary of its own medium (100% cotton, pulpy, absorbent, flexible, scratchable, tearable, pierceable, stitchable).

This series is an inquiry into the vocabulary of corporeity.