Lines and roads
Project info

After many years of absence from my native land, Serbia, I took a trip to visit my home. I wanted to express, only through images, my feelings on the occasion of the visit. One part of that work is the essay that I present.

I tried to ease my constant feeling of exile, nostalgia and incompleteness by visiting the places that once meant so much to me, so I traveled a lot. I felt a strong disharmony, although my senses still connected to those sites, through familiar sounds and smells, my feelings remained indifferent. I also felt the absence of my friends, as most of them also became immigrants, trying to get out of a cycle of poverty.

As for the artistic concept, I tried to create a nostalgic atmosphere. There is also a fine line that one can trace from one photo to the next, looking at the lines on the land or the line between the land and the sky. It makes the series universal, since one can look at the essay as the road that we choose to follow in our lives from so many possible roads.