Chas Chas
Project info

30 years ago, I came across a story in a comic book called "Parque Chas", about a mysterious neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The comic reveals the adventures of a writer who was told that fantastic and extraordinary things happen there. A place where wonderful mystical people live.

The reason such unusual things can take place there is because the center of the neighborhood was architecturally constructed similar to a spiderweb or a labyrinth. That's why they say (the 'chas chasians') that if you enter into that concentric form, you may never leave, and magical things can happen to you. Many say that this is the true reality. Essentially, in Parque Chas everything is possible.

All these years later, I decided to travel thousands of kilometers to see for myself. But what really led me there was to discover if there was truth in their claim: "Everything you ever lost in your life, exists in Parque Chas". And yes, I found it.

The project "Chas Chas" is an intangible exploration of the intricate myths and amazing lives of this neighborhood.