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The syringe
This story has happened in Colombia. At first glance, this is a common story, but in fact, it has social and political foundations.
By the request of its participants, all names have been changed.
In one small town lived a man, called Edward. He had a mistress, called Emma.
And it so happened, that he left her for another woman, Mary.
The first woman was very displeased by this event and decided to take revenge on them! And here it is appropriate to recall the Colombian rebels - Gorillas, allegedly fighting for freedom with imperialism. Gorillas are positioned in the mountains and there is a partisan war with the National Army. They have supporters in towns and villages to help them. Assistance consists of the delivery of food and weapons, manufacturing homemade bombs for terrorist actions. Bombs can be planted anywhere, even in children's toys!
And it turns out, that it is possible to order the production of bombs! And it's available to anyone! Emma decided to order a bomb with acid, so as not to kill her rival but only disfigure her.
At night in a heavy rain, she sneaked into rival's kitchen to place a bomb in a pot, lying on the stove and covered it with a lid! For explosion contact, a syringe was used. It was set up so that if anyone touches, would be covered with a blast and acid! ,
And it happened! Early in the morning Mary came into the kitchen to cook and had touched the pan’s lid! The blast doused Mary with acid from head to toe. She only had time to close her eyes! At the hospital, she had a few plastic surgeries. But the threat, posed by Emma, did not stop. For the sake of their family, Mary and Edward had to leave and hide from danger at the remote location in the mountains.
But an interesting thing happened with the syringe… After the unfortunate explosion, Edward found it in the far corner of the kitchen. He saw, that the syringe had electrical contacts - one on the outside and the other on its plunger. He guessed that if to move in and out the plunger, it can be used to switch on and off the lights!
Seven years have passed. This family lives at a new place now. But the syringe is still hanging in the center view on the wall and acts as the main light switch in the house! This is an extraordinary story. The syringe - once a potential murder weapon, now is serving a peaceful purpose.