Polignano- Widnau. Series
Project info

On 21 and 22 July 2014 I traveled by car from Polignano a Mare in Southern Italy to Widnau, a small town in Eastern Switzerland, where I live.

Practically all these 1200 km that separate these two locations can be made by highway. I made the trip in two days, during which I took over 6000 photos, always from inside the car and in movement. At the same time I was taken the photos I looked at the images on the backscreen of the camera, and landscapes and places that through my eyes were not visible, appeared. They were there, next to me, but I could not see them.

Travelling over 130 Km/h and trying to take a picture of something close to the car is almost impossible. The speed hinder framing the image, and even the autofocus is sometimes too slow. So these pictures were not wanted, they were discovered, as a kind of revelation. The pictures are not my way to interpret visually this place. They are, in some way the place.

If these photos have some meaning, if they say something about that linescape that is the highway, that meaning stays more outside of the frame that inside. It is the cut, the separation of the points that form the line, which reveals something about her.