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Crimea is a small peninsular in Eastern Europe populated with 2.3 mln
people. Both states, Russian Federation and Ukraine consider Crimea
their territory. The peninsular was a part of Russia from the
beginning of XVII century until the middle of the XX century, when
Russia passed Crimea to Ukraine. But last spring Russia took the
peninsular back, insisting that   Crimea joined legitimately through a
referendum.  Ukraine and most of influential countries absolutely
disagree with Russia's position. In their view Crimea is a temporary
occupied territory of Ukraine.
Majority of people in Crimea welcomed political changes, as for most
of them Russian  was their mother tongue, they felt socially and
culturally connected with Russia.

Russia is seen here, as a powerful and rich state with more prosperous
life, than in Ukraine. To keep up spirits,  Russia strengthens it
reputation in Crimea with propaganda and financial support for locals.
Feeling euphoria after merging with Russia, many in Crimea developed
high expectations that often remain unsatisfied by the new state.
Crimean people begin to grow into their new fatherhood, trying out new
opportunities, struggling to understand whether they have made the
right choice at the referendum.