Project info

This project documents people in terminal decline. The first male here is called Jimmy a war bet with cancer and the second named Roger the first person to receive an experimental surgery called a pericardiectomy

Photography, time, light, dreams and death are intricately entwined.

A persons conscious beliefs and personal metaphors, a collective unconscious of their life references are linked within their own photographs and somehow tell a deeper personal story.

A photograph is a slice of the photographers own life and timeline. Your getting more than just an image. When your mind is fixed on something, you will always see it, the baader meinhoff phenomenon. But it seems more than this more than we understand. Image titles, symbols seemingly more than just coincidence a sort of personal synchronicity is happening between the photographer, his work and chosen subjects.

Yes there's probability, but I don't think this can explain it all thoroughly, there is something more meaningful and logical within the mysteriousness of the photograph that sheds light on a persons fate. The personal punctum within, that intimation of death. Could you prove this with simple case study’s, unknown.

(Book Omens of murder)

What if a subject took photographs knowing his own fate where would that lead. What if the photographs a subject took before realising this seemed to somehow speak of this fate.