Solitary Confinement FULL PORTFOLIO
Project info

Photographs in the portfolio SOLITARY CONFINEMENT are through a bedroom window at my cottage in Platte Clove (Hudson Valley NY). After Veronikka's unexpected death in September 2017, I had no desire to photograph - something I had done since my childhood. A friend (thank you PT) encouraged me to keep photographing through this period - at least one photograph a day, without the pretense of creating something 'great' or 'monumental'
Each day I woke to this view from the bedroom window, the landscape behind the cottage. A place where Veronikka and I would walk, talk, explore, and with her as my model, photograph. With her suddenly absent in my life and my viewfinder, viewing this place from this window became as familiar as looking at the face of a clock, as kissing a lover good night and good morning, as routine as a calendar. Watching this scene slowly course through its natural, seasonal progression was at first a strong and unbearable longing for her to return to our mutually familiar place. Over time it became a healing call to return to the landscape, changed and with the understanding that time continues.
It is simultaneously a remembrance and a longing of what was and a presentation and acceptance of what is.
With the fixed frame of the window as my 'boudary' the frame of the images is the constant, the anchor. The seasons and the time of day as well as the weather are the model. The photographs are presented as seen through the window glass, so all weather, condensation, aberration, distortions and the like are naturally occurring and not produced in post production. Photos in B/W are also how the camera recorded them.
Conversation, confession, contemplation, condolence - it has been all of these.