Hafu2Hafu - A Worldwide Photography Project about Mixed Japanese Identity
Project info

Tetsuro Miyazaki (1978) is a Belgian Japanese photographer who has been living in Maastricht for the past three years. After working for years in the creative communication and advertising world, he has been a full-time professional photographer for 5 years.

In his personal Hafu2Hafu project, Tetsuro Miyazaki investigates what it means to have a Japanese and a non-Japanese parent. It is a worldwide photo project in which he investigates what it means to be “hāfu”; to have mixed Japanese roots. For this project, he has interviewed and portrayed more than 150 people so far from nearly 100 different countries, with one Japanese and one non-Japanese parent. Tetsuro does not share stories, but instead lets the subjects pose a question to you - the viewer. This, in combination with the portraits that always look straight at you, creates a dialogue and stimulates more self-reflection.