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Quarantine diary

Vìrus s. m. [from lat. poison virus], invar. - 1. In biology, a term used to describe a group of organisms, of a non-cellular nature and of submicroscopic dimensions, incapable of an autonomous metabolism and therefore characterized by obligatory endocellular parasitic life. When a virus manages to penetrate inside a cell with which it came into contact, its genome is integrated into the genetic material of the host cell thus altering its genetic heritage and forcing it to synthesize nucleic acids and viral proteins and therefore to the replication of the virus.

The space we occupy is a mental state where every phenomenon, including the perception of us and our identity, is a historical product, changing over time, communicating infinite and metamorphic meanings. Quarantine triggers ways of living which, despite the perceived static nature, open up to the experience of the changing. The days like the others, suspended and monolithic, the reality that becomes indecipherable, the loss of security, all contribute to making us feel on the skin how much everything, despite our efforts, is uncontrollable and changeable. We have learned that even a virus can become changeable and with it our dystopian fears and visions. We have learned that something invisible and infinitely small can stop the world.

I thought about how this mental condition during the Covid 19 quarantine was paradoxically triggered by something extremely intangible, invisible, with a seductive shape: a sphere, a small gray planet from which trees with red foliage rise. The forms and representations of viruses always have something attractive. The virus preserves and protects its genetic material in the capsid which can vary in size and complexity of the structure, polyhedra that must guarantee efficiency and stability. Complex geometric structures visible to the human eye only through the use of the electron microscope.

We have learned how dramatically connected the dimensions of the micro and macro are due to a pandemic, how much the beating of a butterfly's wings or contact with an invisible biological entity can drastically change our lives and our perception.


That cannot be perceived by sight, by distance, size or anything else.