Wonder Reimagined
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Wonder reimagined - or the possibility of being inside a rock to rise its ancient molecules of water.

An exquisite turmoil.

A fusion of mirrors and ashes.

Glance fleetingly through your retina at the birth of the universe, and feel its resonance.

Suspend time. Hold your gaze. Try to see through the density of matter and allow the weight of rock to halt your thoughts.

See how solid matter floats like feathers on the moon.

Scratch, claw and open up a fissure through the skin of the earth.

Take in a shimmer as if it were a diamond or the hide of an elephant.

Dismantle horizons, float, and marvel at the beat of a drop of water.

Walk into a forest without stepping on a single leaf, and observe with peculiarity through Emma’s precise eyes.

Listen to the explosion of a particle and - silently - crack open a stone into infinity.

Text by Margarita Garcia Faure, Argentina