Visual Storytelling
Project info

Here are two visual stories. The first titled as 'Mother and Son', and the second as 'Stairs'.

'Mother and Son'
Mustafa, my only beloved nephew was at his usual mischief when he came into my room. He was running from his mum because she wanted to dress him up as he was naked.
I luckily had my camera next to me and my new 28mm lens had just arrived so i got the perfect opportunity to test the lens. I quickly started taking pictures and after uploading them to my laptop and going through them, i found a perfect visual story to show.
The moment that i have captured is a perfect example of mother and son love, and the spiritual connection they both have with each other.

Mustafa had learned to climb down the stairs on his own and had been doing it for quite a while. Using my 50mm lens, this time i captured his decent down the stairs. As he went down, he looked up and something gained his attention. The best part i like about this story, is his waving goodbye in the end.