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Karasjohka, Norway 2015

December 2015

I have been traveling to Lapland for a few years , a particular world where traditions and modernity coexists. Life in Lapland is always close to nature but modern world is now changing the landscape. Soils exploitation is rising and tourism is developing. Ski sites are numerous. Santa is popular and polar safaris are trendy.

My last trip was to Karasjok, a small town lost in the core of the norwegian toundra. Located at the border of Finland, the 3000 inhabitants village is the Sami Capital. The Sami is a native community living mostly of reindeer herding. In Karajok you can find the Sami artists center, the Sami parc and the Norwegian Sami Parliament. At the Parliament they take important decisions about their territory. The mining expansion is menacing the villages, the environment and the reindeer herding. This is the case in Kallak, where a British mining company decided to settle down...

The serie was shot in December. At this time of the year the sun doesn't rise anymore. This is what is called the polar nights. The sky enlightens with various shades of color, bringing a bit of magic to the world in metamorphosis.

To be continued ...