Walking Photographer
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Like the Haiku, I think that Street Photography needs no explanation.

Just like these Japanese poems are composed by very few words. Also street photography is often most effective when it builds on a few human or graphic elements.

The street photographer draws from reality to create something new that is often abstracted from the original context.

My Street Photography portfolio is a lifelong project: I strongly believe that its an incredible tool for growth and it really makes me feel very well.

I'm a Leica Akademie instructor and resident photographer and I teach street photography to young photographers, but also to professionals who are specialized in other genres of photography. Street Photography is, of all photographic disciplines, one of the most complete and useful to develop the ability to take pictures in any situation.

Regardless of the photographic genre practiced, whether it's for passion or as a profession, I always recommend to my students and colleagues to deal with street photography as a tool for growth.

Photographic technique gets stronger and stronger as we apply it to Street Photography. You can learn about the ambient light in all its forms as well as shooting in mixed light environment/artificial. And you also develop the ability to see and interpret situations in a less superficial way. Anticipation is the key to make successful street images.

Street Photography forces the photographer to walk and to learn how to recognize situations and details that can make a great shot. To reach out to people and know them often forcing us to develop interpersonal skills, a very important characteristic for any photographer.