Measure and Middle - a journey through Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out in favor of a “measure and middle“ approach to the new coronavirus. At that time, 28 February 2020, with less than 50 confirmed infections in Germany, large parts of the population did not believe that the virus could harm a country that has one of the best healthcare systems and the strongest market economy in Europe.

Despite more than 170,000 confirmed cases, the situation in Germany appears to differ from that in neighboring countries. Large parts of the population support the government‘s strict regulations, the health system has not yet collapsed, the percentage of fatalities is comparatively low.

My work is a journey through a Germany that is almost shut down. My journey took me 9000 km along the frontlines and in the backyards of the Corona crisis to create a coherent and comprehensive personal document of the situation. My photographic essay “Measure and Middle“ examines the state of German society – a nation that is often associated with bureaucracy, control and order – during an exceptional time of crisis.