Dark City
Project info

I am an American fine art photographer who loves to photograph American cities at twilight. With my medium format camera, I like to photograph the dramatic lighting and architectural elements which form otherworldly places and spaces.
I like to capture deserted or nearly deserted streets at twilight when daylight is giving way to moonlight and starlight and to the artificial light of streetlamps, neon advertisements, and surveillance lighting. In this fleeting, transitional time, the city as a lively marketplace seems to disappear. Buildings and streets are like abandoned stage sets dreaming their own dreams.
Focused on fringe areas of cities, as well as iconic locations, my photographs reveal the unexpected beauty of industrial zones, empty stores, and construction sites. In one sense, my images are timeless. In another way, they are timely, the unpopulated urban scenes foreshadowing the news photos we have seen of cities under lockdown.