Inside Journey in an Uncertain World
Project info

One day, my world has been overturned completely by COVID-19
I supposed to climb mountain to take the documentary photography of the international mountain guide who leads his client to the summit of Mt.Hotaka, Japan North Alps later Mar, 2020 after 3 month preparation and coordination. However, the government made the Emergency declaration to stop cross the boarder from/to Tokyo.
What i could go to work… but I can't go.
What I could meet my dears… but I can’t meet
What I could travel inside and outside Japan…. but i can't travel
What I could climb my favorite mountains…. but I can’t climb
What I could take my camera in my hand for shooting…but i can't take.
Everything is Locked Down. My path is Rock Down.

No-one knows what is going on and how we protect from unknown virus.
I could not confront myself post-Mar 11, Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and could not take the records. Because too many lives had lost by TSUNAMI and I had PTSD for a while.
I have decided to take photos on the recode of this world crisis and the waving my mind. In addition to that, I plan to publish them as one of my mountain portfolios how the mountains in Japan have been changing and applying to the new climbing style with COVID-19.
Shooting photos of my overwhelmed, stress, frustration, anxiety and those mixture feelings in an uncertain world is on maintaining wellbeing and getting back on track.
Reactivating a lot of people activities causes the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in Japan and I've been torn between stay safe and go out for mountains every day.
When I restarted to climb the mountains and takes not only mountain landscape but also the new climbing style and the mountain lodges, where have implemented the virus protections with huge effort to stay safe both staff and climbers.
The real scary is not the virus.It’s all human being who continue to move around and spread out virus.