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Beyond borders, political ideologies, religious beliefs, ages, or nationalities, powerful and unique links bondwomen around the world.
Courageous women, strong and brave in the face of adversity, can’t ever be weak or be broken by their circumstances. They are the guardians of memory, keepers of their cultures and traditions, heroines the world ignores despite forming the cornerstones of all ancestral cultures.
Despite never actually knowing each other in person, women can always feel connected, like the roots of a tree deep in the ground. They are not united by their languages, beliefs, or nationalities. Rather, by their feelings: those that come from deep down in their entrails, from their gender, from their very marrow.
My project seeks to cast a light on hundreds of commonplace stories that take place every day in any part of the planet. The portraits speak of dignity, pride, simplicity, subtlety, and love. When reviewing them, I am always filled with admiration and hope.