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I am always humbled before empty, natural spaces, where my presence feels invasive, where I tread lightly, respectfully, not wanting to disturb the magic of the moment.
Solitude is one of our strangest emotions, one that I have struggled all my life to understand. At first glance, we would avoid it, social creatures that we are; banish it to the back of the room, for the long drive home. But there’s a certain pleasure to its melancholy, to the way it forces us to look inward, whether we like it or not.
Photography is a solitary occupation, one that happens in one’s head, alone, aligning the heart and the shutter. Over the years, I’ve come to embrace moments of solitude and have sought to bring that bittersweet feeling to life through my images. It’s an intellectual challenge I relish, even if most of the time, I admit, I fail.