Weapon That Kills the Future
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Weapon That Kills the Future - Agent Orange

The War, as we know it, has ended more than 40 years ago, but to the people of Quang Tri, Vietnam, it still much remains a part of their lives. They do not knowwhat the War was fighting for nor do they understand why they have to bear the sufferings – they are the neglected victims of the War. During the Vietnam War, the Central parts of the country, especially in the region of Quang Tri, were heavily targeted for defoliant spraying. Defoliants are often safe kept in drums with orange lines marked around them, hence are also called as Agent Orange. Its main component, Dioxin, builds up inside ones body and is passed onto to the next generations, and eventually leads to physical deformation. At present, the official number of defoliant victims stand at 900,000 in the Quang Tri Region alone, representing 0.68% of its population. From December 1st to 13th of last year, with the support from the Quang Tri Region’sVAVA(Vietnam Union Of Friendship Organization), I visited and interviewed families in the region who to this day suffer from the horror of the War.