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Youngho Kang Seoul, Korea, Republic of

"I brought a key (the camera), opened the door to the secret passage (the mirror), woke up my mythical archetypes, and lured them out into the world".

About Youngho Kang

Youngho Kang was born in Seoul in November, 1970. Having not majored in photography, he has not been dependent on any technological theories about photography for his works. Less knowledge on theories about cameras, on the contrary, enables him to focus more on his subjects. His nickname is 'Dancing Photographer'. With a countless number of commercials and movie posters, his unique photographic styles had gained popularity and fame quickly. Nevertheless, the photographer’s desire to reveal his latent artistic expressions was so strong that he gradually conflicted with commercial works that are usually considered to accommodate the taste of the public. It was his ’99 Variations that he first chose as an exit toward his ‘self.’ The series is the most crucial artistic action for him to exhibit his own stories without interference from exterior conditions. The ’99 Variations was a series of his self-portrayal works, captured through the reflections in a mirror. The photographer aimed to incorporate real self and 99 self-images, which are chosen as his symbolic numbers, in which he was eager to find a complete self to reach100% that would be impossible in reality.
The photographer considers art as “an absorption into what I solely can do.” Combining diverse artistic forms such as dancing while taking photos would be seen as ‘unnecessary’ actions for others. For Youngho Kang, however, they are ‘not unnecessary’ but essential to get absorbed into a world of imagination, a space for liberal imaginations for both himself and his spectators. Therefore, the photographer would not give up what are commonly seemed to be unpractical to others.
To maximize his artistic perfection in photography, he is now working on the creation of a ‘total art’ beyond the boundaries among various artistic genres.

BIO Details

Born 1970, Seoul, Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, Korea
President of Creative Company ‘SangSang Variations’

1995 B.A. in French Language and Literature, Hongik University, Seoul

2014 , Central Slovak Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
2013 , House of Art , Bratislava, Slovakia
2012 , Samsung Cheil Worldwide
2011 < Documentary, Road for Hope >, KBS (Korea Broadcasting System)
2009 , Sungkok Art Museum

2014 , Nemo Hall of Blue Square, Sponsored by Samsung Electronics
2013 , Beyond Museum
2013 , Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2013 Core Program,
Ballarat Mining Exchange
2012 , Coreana Museum
2012 , Yoo Art Space, Sponsored by Samsung Electronics
2009 , V-Gallery in Seoul Arts Center
2009 , Kumho Museum
2007 , Artsonje Center
, Daelim Museum
2003 , Gallery Hyundai

VOGUE / BAZAAR / ELLE / W / marie claire / In Style / ESQUIER and More

About 600 commercial works including Coca-Cola / MOTOROLA / SAMSUNG / LG / DUNKIN’ DONUTS / OLIMPUS and 80 film posters

2011-2012 A Documentary for the candidacy for the first Korean female president,
Park Guen Hye
2011–2012 The children and child slavery with KBS
2012 The Third generation of victims from defoliant in Vietnam

2012–2014 “Special lecture of photography”, Art of Graduate School, Hongik University
2011 “Humanities and society”, Department of Liberal Arts ,
Hongik University
2011 “Understanding of commercial photograph”, Department of Advertising & PR,
Chung-Ang University
2007 “Understanding of Photo Art”, Kyung Hee University

2012 Spikes Asia - Asia’s Creative Advertising Festival and Awards, Grand Prix,
“Samsung Electronics Insight Exhibition”,
2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Two Gold Lions in Promo &
“Samsung Electronics Insight Exhibition”,
2011 Korea Fashion Photographer of the Year

2012 Honorary Ambassador of Child Fund Korea
2010–2012 Member of Korail Design Deliberation Council
2009 Consultant of Presidential Council on Nation Branding

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