Project info


“Parallel lines and patterns” is a subject I began shooting 2 years ago on my cellphone. It is an umbrella under which I am able to include various genres from the natural world to man made structures. What was once literal and born through my love of shooting electrical power lines, has subsequently also evolved into a figurative title allowing for an even larger scope of subject matter to work with. “Parallel lines and patterns” is an ongoing project.

This portion of the series contains 20 images that were shot in South Africa and Cuba. Located on different continents, there are countless similarities in just cultural and historical ties alone. The many parallels include political struggles as well as aspirations such as equality. The two countries also share diversity of ethnicity, with some practicing traditional religion and others African rooted cultural traditions, to name a few.
On a deeper level, my series becomes a metaphor relating to the human psyche. I am drawn to the psychology of people, what drives us and makes us tick. As diverse my images are in subject matter and genre, they all carry a mutual thread; that being they include either parallel lines, a pattern or both. They also tie together as a series by way of the black and white square format.
Likewise, we too, the billions of people on this earth, are as diverse as we are the same. As individuals we may share an experience however our individual perception of it will differ. There may be resonance in mutual interests or we may see no association to another whatsoever. Regardless of similarities or differences, we too hold together as a unit and can be compared to that of a series by the mere fact that we are all human beings, living life on life’s terms, the best way we know how.

There is comfort in the knowledge that whether looking at a parallel line or a pattern they are equally unique and beautiful in their own right, just as we all are. It has taken me years to realize that people will always have their own opinion but living a life authentic to myself is what matters. Whether it is a straight or patterned path, is irrelevant.