Project info

I am an amateur photographer; I have been taking photographs for about 10 years. For most of that time, my primary interest was in landscapes and natural scenery. I concentrated on how to frame and present aspects of the natural beauty that surrounded me. Recently, and especially with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, I have stayed close to home, the San Francisco Bay area. Now during my walks through urban areas, I try to observe more keenly interesting facets of this environment and my emotional reactions, and take photographs of what draws my attention.
I am not attempting to produce photos with a “wow” effect, but I would like to produce photos with an intensity that say to others, “Look at this!” Ideally, I would like to make photos that evoke questions, that have a sense of mystery and an emotional impact.

Looking back over my photos from 2020, I realized how many reflect the stresses we now face. That is the theme of this series.