Residual Survivors
Project info

A series of photographs taken in towns and city’s across the north west of England. A story made of black and white. Good and bad. Images built in the mind of contrasting shades of greys. A colour which means neutrality and balance.
Omen; prophetic significance an event regarded as a portent of good or evil.

"the ghost's appearance was an ill omen"

Looking back at past photographs that speak of omens, dreams and visions of our future, whilst looking forward to the way I perceived a future that ultimately materialised as the pandemic and lockdown.

That which runs parallell within all of my projects.

Over the past 18 months We have all been fighting an invisible war waged by an unseen enemy. Our minds, bodies and homes have become the battlefield. We have lost our family and society. We have had time to reflect on ourselves and each other, the good and bad on the planet we share, making us realise how fragile life is, what really matters to each of us and highlighting important problems we have been facing and continue to do so. The past year has given us a rare vantage point from which to make sacrifices and find the correct solutions.

Each project contains images informed by personal dreams, childhood and present. Strangely some photographs are also initiated by deja vu whilst working with sitters. The story is ongoing and informs all my projects each containing a dual narrative consisting of social power constructs within authority. This hybrid experience has been photographed, diarised and documented daily in journals over 6 years. A story hoping to be shared and understood.