Fair Ruler of the Little People
Project info

Fair Ruler of the Little People is a collection of images that documents my personal life spent with three special family members: my younger sister, my partner, and his ten-year-old daughter. The title of this series is also the meaning behind my first name, Aubrey. I take inspiration from my everyday moments and then fabricate them into fantastical imagery of family life. The act of translating my observations into photographs allows me to portray my subject matter in a whimsical and affectionate way - one that feels true to my own romanticized interpretation of the world and those around me. I capture my photographs in nature and suburban areas, both interiors and exteriors, because these are the places that feel most familiar to me, having grown up in a suburban neighborhood with a woodsy backyard. My color palette consists of pure saturated colors reminiscent of childhood. I work with medium format film, particularly Kodak Portra 800, as I appreciate the way the film feels timeless and precious. I often place childlike objects into my photos. I am very drawn to these objects visually, even still to this day as an adult. Throughout my life, I have always been in the presence of a child, from my younger sister to my partner’s daughter. I admire their tenderness and appreciation for the small things in life. Their coming-of-age stories, as well as my own, have served as an inspiration for me. Fair Ruler of the Little People is about growth and family, and how these two concepts evolve throughout the inevitable passage of time. It is about love, gratitude, the fine line between fact and fiction, finding yourself, and embracing both the strange and sentimental moments of life, sometimes simultaneously.