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I have used the theme Animal Kingdom quite broadly and incorporated a number of non human species in my series, See Me.
Regardless of classification - carnivorous or camelid mammal, a reptile, amphibian, bird, insect or mollusk - the irony is the uncanny similarity between “them and us”. Perhaps their humanness is portrayed in an emotion, such that is as easily read through the eyes of a human being, or maybe it is due to their body language or the action taking place.
I feel compelled to add “intention” to the list too. This, after documenting the curved, scenic yet determined journey of a snail along the length of a 10m swimming pool until reaching its destination - green shrubbery. Regardless, these creatures all embody one if not more characteristics which we often use to evaluate and describe human personalities.
I opted to present in black and white to eliminate any distraction resulting from the exquisite colours found in the animal kingdom and I have also kept the presentation uniform by way of consistency in the square format, however; even still, each creature has independently profiled themselves. Fascinating individualism and uniqueness can be seen and felt when viewing each species. In my opinion, they are every bit as human in personality as we are.
Perhaps it is no wonder that animality too is a word that crosses the threshold of what is supposedly human and not human?