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Breath, if you can 2020

The constriction in a muffled world that makes us “captives”, leaving us dumbfounded, angry or otherwise perplexed.
Locked-out? or locked-in?
(But there is much more than this)

Alone. Or in small group. But still, isolated in a globalized world!
With the rest of the Planet that still goes on,
one way or another.

We are only human. No matter if from the 17th or the 18th century.
Same humans.
We are aware.
We are all dealing with it,
one way or another.
Black dressed, on oily canvases and black backgrounds – semi paralized in deep water.
Incapable of reactions.
Faces with mouths all wide closed. Breathless. Numbed. Rigoruous in our Elizabethan collars.
Blacked and prisoners.
It’s us looking inside (where are we?),
or it's us looking outside (where are we going?)