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NOTE: This submission contains TWO sequences of images (1-3 and 4-6) which respond to the same series statement below - They are best viewed as one submission, two chapters, same book.

I live in a hundred year old cottage - old wood, drafty wavy leaded-glass windows, skewed doors, slanted floors, leaky faucets. From the March 2020 lockdown, I began to experience my surroundings in a renewed way.

Time is measured by the drip of a faucet in the sink as much as the tick of the clock on the wall. The quiet trespass of sunlight through the curtains is marked by its slow stealth across maple wood floors. I touch fabrics, wood, doorknobs to feel their textures. The sounds of squeaking doors and moaning floorboards regularly join the conversation now.

I find solace in the daily rituals of daily life - walking the dog, eating leftover takeout food, slower weekend breakfasts, washing, the feel of water, the fragrance of the soap. The rhythms, movements, and seasons of life around me are familiar and intimate again.

In confinement I took refuge and sheltered in place. I found my way home again.