Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson NY) 7 Annual Group Photo Show
Project info

Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson NY)
7th Annual Group Photo Show
from ongoing video series ACCUMULATIONS
ONLINE from April 17 - May 23
The video series ACCUMULATIONS was born out of my still
photography portfolio SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, a visual
response to the unexpected death of my fiancé in
September 2017. As such, it carries some of those same
questions, explorations, conversations, and Zen enlightenment
moments as the still series.
This video, CAUSE & EFFECT, was lensed in January 2021 and
is produced in HD, color, 240fps slow motion, 720P, ambient
sound. The series is ongoing, and uses time and motion in
ways that my still photography cannot. The videos in the
series vary in duration and recording speeds (slow motion,
normal, time lapse). They move the conversation of love
and sudden loss in many directions -- exploring issues like
what is permanent and what is transient, animating the
inanimate, altering time and space, and acceptance/rejection
of what is right in front on me.