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Anthropization (from the Greek ànthrōpos - man) in geography and ecology is the set of interventions for the transformation of the natural environment by mankind. Although these interventions are implemented with the aim of adapting the environment to one's needs and improving the quality of life, they do not necessarily have a positive impact on the environment; on the contrary, they often have a negative impact, irreversibly damaging the natural balance of ecosystems.

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When we appeared on the face of the earth
– on this lush planet that we should have taken care of –
we humans, we were beautiful.
Even though we still ignored it, we were healthy.
Our body ? An extraordinary machine and example of molecular,
cellular and cosmic perfection.
We were made of water, particles, blood, cells, and bones.
We were made up of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.
Of hydrogen atoms produced during the Big Bang.
We were formed by elements generated within burning stars.

Then we lit a fire...

Unknowingly, we have given way to wild and global reckless environmental pollution. Perpetrated for years – many, many years –.
Not worrying in the least about the consequences,
and so unawareness has become a crystal clear certainty
that has turned into real unconsciousness!
We allowed an irreversible mechanism that led to the poisoning of oceans, rivers, soil, air and the side effects we saw, were only on animal and plant world.

We closed our eyes, thinking that all this did not concern us...
us humans!
But how could we have let this happen ?
How could we thus compromise our habitat,
ourselves and future generations ?
If we are unable to take care of the house that hosts us,
does that not mean that we do not deserve it ?
Where are we supposed to move when the world as we know it
will turn into a giant PLASTIC ball ?

There's no "Planet B" !

Today, twenty-one centuries after Christ, we have become ugly.
The boomerang effect of the intoxication of the planet has also irreversibly involved our body. We are sick.
Poisoned by what we eat and drink.
Polluted by the air we breathe.

Inside our new body flow chromium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, silver, gallium, platinum, cobalt, nickel, manganese, uranium...

We are made up of a thousand layers of self-centeredness, madness, unconsciousness, fear, remorse, helplessness, narcosis, anguish, a sense of abandonment, stupidity…

From everything we haven’t learned neither from ants, nor from bees.

All the elements of which we are "modernly" composed have appeared on our faces: plastic, iron, polyester, aluminum, styrophoam, glass, mechanical and chemical residues, petroleum fibers...

Our new non-bio-degradable somatic traits have surfaced.
Us, residues and victims of our well-being, of our each and every need.

With eyes closed, to no longer have to face the mirror

Sofia Bianchini
Todi - June 2021
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