Modern Rasta Bush Doctors
Project info

I first got introduced to the bush doctors in Cape Town.

After a while I formed a relationship with them and visited their village in Ocean View, Western Cape.
I decided to document the project on film, it represents the traditional practices of the Khoisan people.

Modern Rastafari Bush Doctors are reviving traditional Khoisan healing methods, thereby re-establishing a culture of healing and preservation of indigenous knowledge in the townships.

The term "Bush Doctor" implies years of apprenticeship, learning from elders who have a deep knowledge of medicinal plants of the Western Cape which is passed down from the San people (bushmen) who boasts one of the oldest cultures on the planet.

They gather their medicine and remedies from the "Fynbos" floral kingdom.
It is one of six singular floral kingdoms in the world , which is located only in the Western Cape, South Africa.

In todays age, humanity is drifting further and further away from natural and available remedies, that our forefathers depended on.
Perhaps it is time that we start reintegrating the philosophy of natural healing into our lives.